History of Calendars Featuring Photographs Of Male College Students Enrolled at The Ohio State University  

Ohio University Student Calendars

A complete run-down of the history of all the male pinup calendars ever published which featured photographs of male college students enrolled at The Ohio State University.

Campus Men has been is a top-notch favorite among fans that has been noted for its quality and professionalism. Each calendars' unveiling generates publicity each year. Some fans even keep each year's calendar as a collector's item.

Unlike other college calendars that come-and-go, the Campus Men calendar has a long history and enjoys nationwide name-recognition. This reputation is just one reason why college students clamor to appear in the Campus Men calendar. They know its cool and gets them noticed by girls.

When you work with Campus Men, you are working with professionals who have years of experience making students look good. They know what works best. They take guys on campus each year and make them into sex symbols.

Their very first calendar included tame photos of shirtless guys. But it did not sell well.

Through trial and error, producers found a photography formula that makes students who appear in the photos happy as well as maximizes calendar sales.

Key to success of the photography is involving students in the pre-planning of their photo shoots. If you are a student to be photographed for Campus Men, you don't just get told how to pose. You get to help plan your shoot. It becomes a team effort.

There is one big benefit students receive from appearing in Campus Men... girls.


And more girls.

Videos Bring the Calendar to Life

However, videos bring the calendar experience to life for the girls who obtain the calendar.

The calendar also offers exposure. Plus, show up at a job interview and you might compete against 30 other applicants for a job. However, recruiters will definitely remember the student they met that day who was "the calendar guy."

The Campus Men Calendar - a perfect opportunity for a college student to "do something big" while in college.

History of Pinup Calendars Featuring Photographs of College Students enrolled at The Ohio State University


After years of various calendars featuring Ohio State University females that were published by fraternities, and an assortment of individuals, the first known calendar of male Ohio State University students appears. Hair designer Evelyn Moore of Groveport, Ohio decided to publish the calendar after watching a PM Magazine story on a calendar of male students in Michigan. The 1983 black & white calendar was titled "Men of Ohio State University." Here is a PM Magazine story on her Men of OSU Calendar


Believe it or not, three OSU students, Cary Gregory, Jim Kargiotis and Tim Brown publish "The Dogs of OSU" Calendar.


Three OSU student entrepreneurs, Scott Jordan of Cincinnati, Tony Campagni of Worthington and Ed Allen of Dayton from the "Images Calendar Line" and publish the 1987 "Buckeye Men" Calendar in color.


Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority publishes a 1988 Calendar titled "Faces of a Crowd" as a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The black & white calendar featured only fully clothed fraternity men.


Full color "Images: Men of the Scarlet & Gray" calendar, which receives nationwide publicity over a legal threat made by OSU concerning a trademark dispute earlier in the year.


"Men of the Scarlet & Gray: Legends" 1990 calendars are released in black & white.

June 1990

Photographers and models travel to St. Petersburg, Florida to photograph the 1991 "Campus Men®" calendars. Campus Men later reshoots in Ohio after rejecting the photographs created in Florida.

Sept. 1990

Campus Men releases the full color 1991 "Campus Men®" calendar.


Campus Men releases the full color 1992 "Campus Men®" calendar, photographed in Key West, Florida.


Campus Men releases the 1993 "Campus Men®," which was photographed in Key West, Florida. Producers from the Oprah Winfrey Show take notice and contact the calendar to invite a model to appear on the show.


Two editions of calendars of Ohio State men. One titled "Cool: College Men" shows students fully clothed and was photographed in Miami Beach are released. The other, "Hot: University Hunks," shows the same students in risque photos photographed in Key West.


Jarralynne S. Fletcher, a graduate student at OSU, publishes a full-color 1994 calendar of African American males titled "Black Men on Campus."

Oct. 1999

Campus men releases the 2000 edition of the "Campus Men®" Calendar. Producers from the Jenny Jones Show take notice and four models appear on the show.

Sept. 2000

Campus Men releases the 2001 edition of "Campus Men®," their 15th calendar.

Sept. 2002

Campus Men releases the 2003 edition of "Campus Men®," their 16th calendar.

Campus Men is credited with being the first to successfully market a calendar featuring OSU students with high quality, and full-color photos statewide and nationally.

Before Campus Men tried their effort, calendars of students had appeared at OSU without any consistency throughout the years. Calendars of OSU guys and girls became a perennial staple in the Ohio calendar market. Eager Buckeye fans telephoned each year before the calendars are printed to obtain copies. Every year, Campus Men received more and more inquiries from stores around the nation about carry the calendars. New fans also call to obtain a copy after hearing of these popular calendars from friends.

The Campus Men organization has published 16 calendars featuring a total of 184 students.

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