Campus Men Calendar 2000 Edition  

Campus Men Calendar 2000 Edition

Promotional page for the Campus Men Calendar. It is possible to buy a Campus Men Calendar.

Campus Men Calendar

ISBN: 0945042124

16 full-color photos

Dimensions: 9 by 12 inches closed, 9 by 24 inches open.

Weight: 5.3 ounces

Shipping fee: $1.98

Photographed in Miami Beach and the Florida Keys. If collegiate jocks under palm trees are a fantasy for you, this is the calendar for you! Characteristic style of showing a young hunk nude except for holding some object that block's his privates. Features 4 photos of mega-popular engineering student Joshua. Track star Joe appears in two shots taken at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. Other photos show students in tighty-whiteys or nude and covering themselves with jeans, rope, bandana and even a teddy bear!

Bonus Material:Bio of each student, along with an additional black and white head shot, his height, weight, rank in school, major, birthday, zodiac and hometown. Special center spread Scrapbook section consists of candid behind the scenes snapshots and text describing the Florida shoot.

Behind The Scenes

Moving Fast With Joe.

Partying With John.

About Campus Men is a skill-sharing site where college students can turn their know-how into cash.

Using our easy "Self-Publishing Tool," students submit tips for training and playing selected sports, weightlifting, careers, relationships or any of life's lessons. turns those tips into professional-quality videos. does the filming and will invite some students to "star" in their own videos.

Hear What Students Say

We Value Student Know-How.


After working with thousands of new models and college students, we know the concerns, issues and questions many new models have before their first photo shoot. It is normal for even the most macho guy to be nervous prior to his first shoot. We compiled all this training info into “ShootPrep” – our dedicated site for training models with whom we work.

Our photographer uses to train new models before their photo sessions.

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