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How Much Money Do I Make From the Calendar? 

We want you to tell future students how enjoyable appearing as a Campus Men was. So, we want your experience with us to be fun, positive, and worthwhile. We also want you to earn money! We do not pay you posing for photos, but you can earn money through calendar sales.

Don't Overlook Earning Potential

Most students are only interested in being chosen to appear in the calendar so they can meet ladies. Many students overlook that they can earn money - a lot. Smart guys recognize that they can earn money by allowing friends to buy calendars directly from them - instead of buying them from a store.

How Offline Sales Works

Our delivery date is an exciting event. To sell calendars, you simply do what you normally do in college, except you might increase the number of parties you attend and have calendars available in your car or bookbag. That's key. People will ask to see your calendars. You simply need to always keep calendars with you so you can show your calendar to people who ask. This is sort of like being paid to party or simply for making yourself available.

Directly From You: Bypass Stores

Girls want to buy a calendar from a cute guy, not from us or a store. Instead of sending your friends to a store to obtain a calendar, why not have them purchase a calendar directly from you? That way the price of the calendar is yours to keep!

Do not give away your calendars! Calendars are very valuable products. If you give them away free, it makes people think our calendars are cheap.

Allowing Friends To Get Calendars From You is Easy and Fun!

You earn $14.95 by delivering your first calendar. Sell two calendars, you make $30. After six, you have $90 in your pocket, and so on... Your stock of calendars steadily dwindles. Read how past Students Sold-Out of Calendars Quickly. Soon you will have distributed all of your copies and have gathered a nice income. One hundred percent of the proceeds from these sales are yours to keep.

Who Buys Calendars?

Almost everyone who knows you will want a calendar. You can sell these calendars to anyone, including family and friends in your hometown and in Columbus, or people you meet casually around campus. You will find it important to keep some calendars with you wherever you go... because you will often unexpectedly run into someone who will want one!

Ironically, girls you vaguely know or have not encountered from since high school might seek you out to buy a calendar once they see your videos and hear you are a "Campus Man."

Anticipation: Friends Wait All Summer

Because a guy has been away from school and emailing and texting campus friends all summer from his hometown, campus friends are eager to see the finished product! Dozens of girls have seen his videos - which has been available on for months. They have been waiting all summer to pick up a calendar or two after he returns to campus.

People in Your Hometown Want Calendars

We issue news releases to your hometown newspapers, radio stations, and TV news stations. They often report on a local student appearing in Campus Men. It is not uncommon for students to sell calendars to hometown people who contact them after reading a story in their local newspaper.

It Works!

There are only two main ways to not make money: 1) If you hate your calendar photo, you will not want to show the photo to people or 2) If you are a hermit and never go out or show your calendars to anyone, nobody will ever see your calendars. Remember, you only attend college once! Being social worked for 154 Previous Students.

This excellent opportunity rewards your enthusiasm and commitment. How often do you have an opportunity to make money from being social?

Considering MTV paid Mike Ball (one of our past calendar students) only $50 for appearing on "Singled Out," you earn a lot more through calendar sales than you would from a typical modeling job.

Q: Is it difficult to sell calendars?
A: Because the public gets excited about our students, they do not need to be pressured to buy a calendar. If you assume it will be difficult to sell your calendars, you are probably underestimating the potential number of people who will support you!

Q: Who do I sell to?
A: Girls, family, current friends and people with whom you have lost touch. You never know! One student's grandma sold calendars to all the grey-haired ladies at her beauty salon. People will seek you out to buy a calendar. It is all about showing girls. It is easy if you love your photo.

Q: How am I going to sell calendars if I am not arrogant? I am a low-key person.
A: Shy guys sell a lot of calendars. While you won't make money of you are a hermit and don't ever show people your calendars, you also do not need to be pompous or conceited to sell calendars. Be yourself. Just relax! Simply show your calendars to others!

From a Cleveland Plain Dealer article:

"It's kind of embarrassing walking around with a naked picture of yourself. But I went to the freshman dorm and sold 100 of them in two days. All those freshman girls are new and excited to be at Ohio State," (John Wong) said.

From a Marion Star article:

Leibold has sold most of his copies and has earned several hundred dollars profit.

From a Sun Herald article:

Vince said he's sold 70, so far. "Obviously we can sell it better than other people because we're in it," he said.

Q: Am I forced to sell calendars?
A: No, but considering that you can earn money by simply showing your calendar to others, you miss out on a great opportunity. By letting calendars gather dust in your closet, you miss a great opportunity to earn money and have fun meeting girls.

Q: Do I have to be a business major to participate?
A: No. Selling calendars is more of a social experience than a sales job. You should not find yourself selling calendars like a door-to-door salesman.

Q: Can I sell my calendars before I receive them?
A: You have the option of collecting orders at any time after your photo is held. We give you Advance Order Forms you can use to keep track of orders. All money is paid to you, not to us.

Q: Do these calendars cost me money?
A: No. We give you 48 calendars free in exchange for qualifying through Fundizer.

Q: After I sell all my "free" calendars, can I purchase more?
A: Yes, at the wholesale price of $7.48 each.

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