Westlake College Student Appears In Male Calendar  

Westlake Student in Male Calendar

News story about westlake college student appears in male calendar.

Proud Parents

Proud but maybe a little embarrassed are Ken and Josie Meno of Westlake whose youngest son Vincent appears as "Mr. January" for the 2000 edition of the Campus Men® calendar produced at Ohio State University.

I got to talk with Vince, a 1998 graduate of Westlake High School last week, just after his photographer contacted us. All the OSU guys featured in the calendar get the opportunity to make a little money by selling copies of it.

Vince said he's sold 70, so far. He said it helps being a psychology major because he knows how to "sweet talk the customers," most of whom are students who don't have a whole lot of money.

"Obviously we can sell it better than other people because we're in it," he said.

Vince described his mom as "a good Catholic lady" who was a little embarrassed by his lack of clothing in the picture. She was interviewed last week on WEWS TV.

(I can relate to this mom; I also have a 19-year-old son! Gasp!)

The youngest of six children, Vince was born in Guam and is studying under the Army ROTC program. At Westlake High n School, the student was active in football and track.

He admits to being a little more conservative back then, and never, thought of posing in the buff.

You can catch a glimpse of Vince and his strategically placed teddy bear by calling up www.campusmen.com on the Internet.

Originally published Feb. 10, 2000. Story © Sun Herald. This text is exactly as published.

Westlake Student in Male Calendar
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