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Be Unique From Other Job Applicants  

Be Unique From Other Job Applicants

Appearing as a model in a male pinup calendar can be a good way to get hired for a job and provides material for a resume.

How does appearing in our calendar effect a student's job search after graduation? Surprisingly, appearing in a calendar can help you obtain a full-time position or an internship.

It is Good To be Unique Among Job Applicants

Unlike high school, where everyone is trying to be the same because of peer pressure, it is good to be unique during a job interview. Think of the huge number of job seekers with similar experience who will be competing against you.

Job Interviews

After interviewing many applicants with the same background and experience, who will interviewers remember at the end of the day? They will remember the guy who appeared in a Campus Men calendar!


If you do not have much to include in your resume, your experience with the calendar can add a professional element. Human resource staff look at 100's of similar resumes. Evaluate your calendar experience and add facts about your experience to your resume. When you include a fact about your calendar experience, your resume will catch their eye.

What sort of fact might a typical student include in a resume?

  • Allowing friends to buy calendars offers valuable experience for your resume. You learn to interact with people and acquire "selling" experience. You learn follow-through because you deliver calendars to people who ordered them. That is customer service experience.
  • If you participated in a promotional event, you likely gained experience negotiating with a business owner and were involved in planning the event. Organizational experience is something few students can add to their resume!
  • If you chose to build muscle before your photo shoot, that can help too. Building your body may not seem appropriate to include in a resume. But it shows you are someone who can meet a difficult goal. While other students were drinking alcohol and eating junk food, you were following a strict regimen. Transforming your body takes dedication that other students simply do not have.

This text appeared on one student's resume:


"Featured in the Campus Men® Calendar. Set goal of improving physical condition and achieved it in short time before photo shoot. Worked with professional photographer in planning a photo theme. Interviewed by news media. Sold 110 calendars in 6 weeks and earned a profit of $1400 by networking on campus."

About Campus Men is a skill-sharing site where college students can turn their know-how into cash.

Using our easy "Self-Publishing Tool," students submit tips for training and playing selected sports, weightlifting, careers, relationships or any of life's lessons. turns those tips into professional-quality videos. does the filming and will invite some students to "star" in their own videos.

Hear What Students Say

We Value Student Know-How.


After working with thousands of new models and college students, we know the concerns, issues and questions many new models have before their first photo shoot. It is normal for even the most macho guy to be nervous prior to his first shoot. We compiled all this training info into “ShootPrep” – our dedicated site for training models with whom we work.

Our photographer uses to train new models before their photo sessions.

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