Video of Calendar Casting Audition at Student Union 

Students Audition on OSU Campus to Become Models for Pinup Calendar

News Transcript
(This is an unedited, uncorrected transcript):

Reporter: But of course the calendar we are talking about tonight is Images: men of scarlet & gray. You remember this from last year. Its an 89 calendar. They got in some trouble for using some OSU logos. There's a guy in front of the OSU stadium standing right there. There's another guy with an OSU towel in here. The school said we don't like that, we don't support the calendar. Well, nothing ever became of that so they are at it again. Except this year it's a coed venture.

Reporter: The men of scarlet & gray. Creators call this calendar a success. This year, they are at it again.

Michelle Moore: Yeah, good. We want em to look good. What we're really looking for is the all-American, average look like average college person.

Reporter: A very typical day here in the hallways of OSU's student union, except for one room, reserved for a student-run business called College Images. Its in this room where models are being discovered.

Reporter: Men and women both are auditioning via photo shoots.

Reporter: Sign up, then pose.

Female applicant: This is weird. Its just nerve-wracking with all these people standing here.

Male applicant: Meet some girls and have a good time.

Photographer. Stand on the tape over here and pretty much just do the same thing we just did.

Sean Ashbrook: I think next year at this time you won't be talking about that Sports Illustrated Issue, you'll be talking about our Women of OSU, or, "Scarlet & Gray" calendar.

Reporter: Last year, 5000 Images calendars were printed and sold at $6.95 each. This year the price goes up to $9.95. Demand for the calendars and the want to be in them is up.

Female applicant: I like working out and laying out in the sun, and I figured I'd try it.

Male applicant: I always wanted to be a model ever since I was younger.

Male applicant: All my friends were telling 'ah, you should go for it and try it' I thought well, I don't know what chance I've got.

Reporter: The lucky winners will be picked next month. The calendars should be on the stands by August 31.

Originally published Feb. 22, 1989. Story © WBNS-TV #10 Columbus. This text is exactly as published.

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