Calendar Boys 

Buckeye Boys

[Female newscaster] But even if it does snow, these hotties can keep you warm. Coming up, we'll have a look at the sexiest studs on campus.

[Male newscaster] We'll talk to Clay in just a second, but first, OK ladies, drop whatever you're doing, because you're going to want to see every second of this next story.

[Female newscaster] OK, take a good seat, get yourself comfortable, because the men you're about to see in this new calendar are not only sexy; they're all OSU students. NewsCenter's Yolanda Harris is live in the newsroom now to introduce us to some of the hottest men on campus. Yolanda?

[Yolanda Harris] That's right, ladies. Are you tired of all those pin-up calendars featuring scantily clad, half-naked women? Well, now there's a calendar just for the ladies. And the best part: These studs can be found right on the Ohio State campus.

[Yolanda Harris] It's sexy, provocative and back by popular demand. Thirteen hotties hoping to heat things up.

[Man 1] What are these? A bunch of guys?

[Yolanda Harris] Not just any guys. It's the annual Campus Men calendar, featuring the sexiest guys at OSU.

[Woman 1] We have guys that look like that on campus?

[Yolanda Harris] The beefcake photos have shocked quite a few coeds.

[Woman 2] His body is definitely awesome.

[Yolanda Harris] The risque pictures can even jog some memories.

[Woman 3] Oh my God, he lived in my tower last year.

[Yolanda Harris] Model Mike Ball is Mr. Fall, heating up October, November and December.

[Mike Ball] I've always wanted to be in, like, a modeling type deal. I actually kinda want to get into acting, but my major is accounting, just to be safe.

[Yolanda Harris] It's tough to believe these guys aren't professional models, especially since the pictures are so erotic.

[Mike Ball] In a lot of the pictures, you're totally naked behind whatever you're behind.

[Yolanda Harris] But these guys aren't hiding their new-found fame.

[Mike Ball] I walked into a suite up the upstairs and every single room had my picture up, so as soon as I walked in, they're, "Oh, it's Mr. Fall."

[Yolanda Harris] Yet not everyone is brave enough to bare it all.

[Man 1] If I had the body to do it, I think I wouldn't.

[Yolanda Harris] But the girls are definitely glad these studs did.

[Woman 4] I think I like Mr. July.

[Yolanda Harris] Oh, my. Well, the school, to clear things up, has no involvement in putting out this calendar and you won't see their logo anywhere in the photos. Live in the newsroom, I'm Yolanda Harris for Columbus' NewsCenter.

[Male newscaster] Don't see much of anything in those photos, except for sports equipment.

[Female newscaster] I didn't, OK, well moving right along to sports.

Originally aired Oct. 2, 2002. Story © WSYX-TV Columbus. This text is exactly as published.

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