Clinton Discusses His Calendar Appearance on a Youngstown Talk Show 

Youngstown College Student Bares Almost All as Calendar Model

News Transcript
(This is an unedited, uncorrected transcript):

Anchor: Well, right now Lori is standing by with a special guest who has bared almost all for his university… Lori.

Host: That's right. Thanks a lot, Scott. Well Ohio State University has come out with its beefcake calendar for the new millennium and we're happy to welcome Clinton Norris who is from the north side of Youngstown to WFMJ Today. Thanks for being here.

Clinton Norris: Thanks for having me.

Host: Now you attend OSU.

Clinton Norris: That's right I'm a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering.

Host: But you took quite a career change here… You're Mr. March, right.

Clinton Norris: Mr. April actually.

Host: Mr. April, excuse me. Mr. April. We do have his picture. Guys, can we show his picture there? We have a graphic. And tell us first, how… there you are! Nice picture.

Clinton Norris: Thank you.

Host: Now, something that surprised me Clinton. This was a first for you. How did you get involved with this? You were not modeling before this.

Clinton Norris: No, I've never modeled before. Actually, I was just walking around campus and the agency, what they do is, they have recruiters and they walk around and just pretty much pass out cards to people who have talent because what the calendar, what they want is not professional models they just want students, just regular students.

Host: You look great. You look professional.

Clinton Norris: Thank you.

Host: So my next question is, are you thinking about doing more with this?

Clinton Norris: Actually yeah, if anyone's out there watching and are interested, yes I am.

Host: And you also told me you are getting some national attention as well.

Clinton Norris: Well yeah, actually, recently I was on the Jenny Jones Show about three weeks ago, and... It just aired Monday. And it went pretty good. I had a good time.

Host: Good for you. And I guess for you, you have a great body, what do you do to stay in shape?

Clinton Norris: Well, actually I work out about five days a week, some jogging here and there, although I don't do enough of it.

Host: You're kidding. Do you eat anything you want? You do don't you?

Clinton Norris: Almost. Almost, I stay away from the ice cream.

Host: There you go. Again, good luck to you. Its probably tough too for you to find a date huh?

Clinton Norris: Actually, actually I'm so busy with the school work down there. Engineering is so tough and its hard to get out and meet people, but, its… I have a few people, friends, ya know.

Host: Good for you.

Clinton Norris: Yeah, thank you.

Host: You know, Clinton we do have a phone number to put up. There it is. If you'd like to order the OSU calendar, here's the number to call, 743-3941. Very quickly, how many calendars have you sold, do you know?

Clinton Norris: Actually they gave us about 120, and I've sold about 100, So there's a few more left.

Host: A few left, so call that number!

Clinton Norris: And actually I brought a calendar for you…

Host: Thank you very much!

Clinton Norris: and I have one for Scott, here, Campus Girls.

Host: There you go, can't forget about Scott. Thank you Clinton for coming in. Good luck to you. Back to you, Scott

Anchor: Thanks very much Clinton.

Originally published March 24, 2000. Story © WFMJ-TV Youngstown. This text is exactly as published.

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