John Talks about his Calendar Appearance on a TV Talk Show 

Underwear Model Appears on TV Talk Show

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Host: Some of OSU's hottest men fill the pages for Campus Men's Calendar. Ladies, now joining us Mr. November, John Waterson. We are going to see a little bit of you later. I mean that literally. I've seen some pictures, and they are a little risque! I'm sure the ladies aren't going to be too shy of this, but let's talk about you a little.

You are a 22 year old Senior at OSU, John.

John Waterson: Yes

Host: Where are you from?

John Waterson: I'm from Hudson Ohio, its right around Akron.

Host: So how does a 22 year old man from Hudson Ohio decide that he is going to be in the Campus Men's Calendar of America?

John Waterson: I was approached on campus by Sean Ashbrook, he is the developer and photographer of the calendar, he asked if I wanted to be in the calendar, I said I would think about it. We met a few more times, he said I will fly you down to the Keys, take some shots and we will have a real good time. It was a blast.

Host: Before you were in the Campus Men's Calendar, you thought the only person who thought you looked good enough to be in a calendar was your Mom. Is that the case now John, I'm sure you are getting all the ladies now.

John Waterson: It's.... It's nice, we can talk about that. But When we first put the calendar together, we did some scripting, we did some cutting and pasting.

Host: How do you script out photographs?

John Waterson: We scripted the words, and we took about eight rolls a film each, and were down there for seven days. Does that answer your question?

Host: So a lot of hard work went into this?

Host: Let's go ahead and look at some pictures, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let's look, we don't even have to say anything. There's John in his skimpys, what in the world John, I mean how do you get motivated to take a picture like this John?

John Waterson: A little bit of relaxing, a few deep breaths in and out.

Host: Now, is your Mom proud of this John?

John Waterson: She loved it.

Host: Did she go out and buy a bunch of these?

John Waterson: Oh yeah, they made great Christmas gifts.

Host: Let's look at some more photos. That looks like a cool beach photo.

John Waterson: Ya, that was in Key West, it was a good time. It was my first time down in the keys and it was a beautiful time.

Host: I'm sure that the ladies are coming on a little easier now!

John Waterson: Well I'm seeing a few people, no just teasing . I'm in and out of a relationship.

Host: Then why are you going on Jenny Jones to get hooked up? Are you looking for love in all the right places! It is sort of a Valentines Day thing.

Host: So John is going on the show tomorrow, do you know when the show is going to air?

John Waterson: I think some time next week.

Host: Is it all OSU students that will be on the show?

John Waterson: It is just us two, and I think a few guys from New York. For the most part I think it is just the two of us from OSU.

Host: Now how did Jenny Jones get the calendar?

John Waterson: A friend of a friend of the producer of the calendar mailed them a calendar and it got picked up on the show. I gave them a call and they are flying me out to night, and it should be a great time.

Host: So you are a senior at OSU, and quite fit as we saw, are you a good student? How are your grades?

John Waterson: Good, I'm trying to write a honors thesis in history next year, we try to keep those grades up although we are bartending and what not.

Host: What are you planning on doing after you graduate? Is it going to be more calendar modeling or you going to get a job?

John Waterson: Well I'm having too much fun in school right now, so I'm trying not to take anything to fast.

Host: Let me give you some advice, if you can drag it out to four in a half to five years, do so. I kept it at four and a half so everything was fine. Now what's next as far as modeling goes, was this a once in a lifetime chance or are you going to try to pursue this?

John Waterson: At first I thought this was a one-pop chance, but I'm open to try to go further with it. But right now I'm having too much fun in school, we are going to try and finish up this year strong, and we will see what happens. I'd hope to do some more because it is great fun. We'll see what happens.

Host: So are you going to come back from New York and hire an agent and go full-speed-ahead?

John Waterson: Doubtfully, we will probably take it piece by piece.

Host: People can pick up a Campus Men Calendar, Where's a good place to pick one up John if people want to see the rest of the hot guys in the calendar. John's in here a few times. John where can they get the calendar?

John Waterson: Long's Book Store is a good place, or you can get in touch with me some how and I will set them up with a calendar no problem.

Host: You will set them up with a calendar personally with a calendar.

Host: Autographed and everything!

Host: All right. You can get in touch with John, we don't know how, but if you contact the station we can try to get john to arrange that for you.

Host: Well thanks for being on the Show.

John Waterson: Thanks for having me.

Host: Good luck at the Jenny Jones Show. Let us know how that went

Host: Ya break a leg but not litteraly that's what they say in show business.

Originally published Feb. 15, 2000. Story © WCLL-TV #19 Columbus. This text is exactly as published.

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