Brett Appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show 

Ohio State University Student Appears on Oprah Winfrey Show

News Transcript
(This is an unedited, uncorrected transcript):

Reporter: Back to the Ohio State University scene, if you saw today's Oprah, you were in for quite a show. The topic was something I know very little about: sex appeal in men, but one of our own hometown boys was there on behalf of Columbus.

Oprah: Let's meet a 23 year old furniture salesman who makes temperatures rise in Columbus, Ohio. That's where he's from. Brett Shaut says he really knows how to rope in the hometown women. Brett… Columbus, Ohio!

Reporter: Well now, we went beyond the hunk factor and decided to find out just exactly what kind of person Brett really is.

Reporter: In the Campus Men Calendar, he's Mr. January, but on Ohio State's campus, he is a regular college student. His friends say he's got a great sense of humor. One-liners come naturally to Brett, especially since he is wrapped in one line of rope in the calendar. So, do OSU women recognize Brett when he's not wrapped in rope? Not really.

Shaut: I mean if I walked around naked with a rope on, they'd probably recognize me.

Reporter: But that was before his Oprah debut. Brett says being on Oprah was like being king for a day.

Shaut: When I got off the plane, there's a guy standing there with "Mr. Shaut," and he threw me in a limo, carried all my stuff, drove me to the La Meridian hotel, where everyone's like yes sir, Mr. Shaut, no sir Mr. Shaut, and all that stuff, carried all my bags, everything was great, then I get home and I got to carry my own bags.

Reporter: On the show, Brett had some very clever answers to some pretty tough questions.

Oprah: What do you think makes you sexy?

Shaut: Genetics.

Reporter: Genetics?

Shaut: They told us what they were gonna ask us, "What makes you sexy," that type of thing and all the guys were sitting there saying, ya know, my eyes, or my lips, everything like that I'm like that's kind of cheesy, so I'm just gonna say something like Genetics - give my parents the credit.

Reporter: Now that Brett's been touted on national TV as a campus stud, we ask him one very important question. After today's Oprah, do you think you are going to have women chasing you down?

Shaut: We can only hope.

Reporter: Well Brett said it was wonderful to meet Oprah and as far as being an eligible bachelor, he is definitely one.

Originally published Feb. 23, 1992. Story © WBNS-TV #10 Columbus. This text is exactly as published.

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