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Campus Men Calendar Models in Key West for photo shoots

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Host: Hi, welcome back to the Coconut Hotline. Right now we are going to be talking to a dear friend of mine, Bobbie Ross, who is and has been all week scouting locations for an annual publication of an Ohio State University calendar of both the women and men of Ohio State University. These have been in production now for four years and are sold nationally and this year Key West is the location for all of the shoots and Bobbie what's it been like this week escorting these guys around?

Bobbie Ross: It's been great. It really has.

Host: Oh, come on Bobbie, tell me the truth, tell me the truth.

Bobbie Ross: No, we have a lot of fun with we've gotten some publicity and we are just trying to promote them. And what they're doing that is a little bit different this year is the fact that they are shooting here in Key West. Usually they been shooting at Ohio State. So, with the different settings that we have here in Key West and of course the beauty of our island, it is the perfect setting for a calendar.

Host: Well the calendars so, have been, in fact, I know I've read about the calendars. They have been doing very well, and are marketing now nationally? Right?

Bobbie Ross: Pretty much. They market them through Waldenbooks store mainly in the Ohio area and this calendar they'll be marketing also in Key West

Host: Because of the locations

Bobbie Ross: Yes, right.

Host: Well now I don't know how much of this we can show, but actually, it's all ok to show? Isn't it? Can I show my favorite shot from the female calendar? Yes?

Bobbie Ross: Sure.

Host: OK. Well, this is my favorite shot. There is nothing suggestive about this photograph. Nothing at all suggestive about this photograph! However, in any event the Ohio State guys, campus men and campus women calendars have been shooting all week in Key West on Key West locations. I understand you shot on the Fury, at Smather's Beach, what were some of the other locations?

Bobbie Ross: Well at the Casa Gato, which is one of the houses that Property Management has, and also a couple of other historic sites and mostly at the beach and stuff -- water shots

Host: Right now, you've brought along some of the male models for this year's calendar.

Bobbie Ross: Right, they're the ones that are down here right now.

Host: Alright, welcome guys. Its good to have you. It's been real quick too since you've walked in so I haven't even gotten your names so...

Phil Missig: My name is Phil Missig

Brett Shaut: Brett Shaut

Ty Smith: Ty Smith

Host: Ty. What's it like being selected to pose for a calendar? I mean I gotta figure it's gotta to be fun.

Phil Missig: Well I've been kind of helping to produce the calendar. I got a chance to go around and help find the guys and girls on campus and what we did was road around on our bikes and walked around as people changed for classes and found these guys on the sidewalks.

Host: So this is of course during your summer break anyway but is this all paid for by the University for you to come down and take a break?

Phil Missig: No this has nothing to do with… the only thing it has to do with is that guys are from the Ohio State. It's not affiliated with it…

Host: Oh, its not at all. So, I made the assumption that it was, because of the University name

Bobbie Ross: Well, as the years have gone on they have gotten a little bit more provocative and Ohio State University does not a back it. However, they don't dismiss it either so it's one of the things that they can't really support it…

Host: Well it's great press for the University, sure.

Bobbie Ross: Exactly.

Host: So you guys end up getting a free vacation down in Key West for a week making the calendar, now assumedly proceeds as well… If not dates?

Phil Missig: Hopefully!

Brett Shaut: We're still working on that last one.

Host: Well actually, can we get a number up here Joe? These guys are in town for another day, maybe two... OK, the number's on the screen. If anyone wants a date with any of these guys they are in town tonight, maybe tomorrow night. Is that right?

Phil Missig: Yeah, maybe tomorrow night.

Host: OK, and you're going to be coming up to the comedy club tonight with me tonight. Right, so women who might like to meet you guys can come up and

Phil Missig: 0h, easy, Yeah.

Brett Shaut: Sure, we'll be there.

Host: And you'll pose and everything?

Phil Missig: Well, we'll think about that.

Host: Well now, so the marketing campaign now is expanding outside the University, outside Ohio, and of course will include Key West because of the locales. Has it gone further than that?

Phil Missig: Not yet, we're hoping...

Host: Why is it that I know about this calendar?

Phil Missig: I really don't know

Host: I mean it's gotten some press. Who knows? Maybe, I read about it in Newsweek or something?

Bobbie Ross: No, they've had some great press. They really have.

Phil Missig: Yeah, we're getting good press. It has worked out really well. A lot of people do know about it and we're hoping to get it out into the national market. From some of the people we have talked to, have said that it is one of the best campus calendars the have seen. So hopefully maybe in the future.

Host: Well here is the thing, you know, to maybe give people an idea of what the calendar's going to look like should we give 'em a sort of look at last year's calendar?

Phil Missig: You can go ahead…

Host: Can we get a close-up on this and will run through some of his last year's months with the men from Ohio State. Can we do this? Why the hell not!

Brett Shaut: It's your show.

Host: It's my show I can do anything I damn well please. Can I? Let's see. What's on the next page here? I'm going to try to tilt this so we don't get too much glare. Boy, that guy's in good shape isn't he?

Ty Smith: A little bit.

Host: A little bit? Come on, cut me some slack. So this year is Smather's Beach lying in the ripples. Oh, cmon, tell me guys, has this improved your sex life?

Phil Missig: Well we just started shooting it, so...

Host: So, next year… when it comes out.

Bobbie Ross: It'll be out in September.

Host: In September. Now, the shoot is essentially finished?

Phil Missig: Basically, yeah. We are shooting all day today, they're shooting as of right now as a matter of fact, and we'll be shooting all day tomorrow and if we stay the following day, Sunday also.

Host: Well, listen I'd like to offer you a great locale for one of your shots. If you'd like, you can use the roof of my houseboat.

Phil Missig: Oh, really?

Host: Yeah.

Phil Missig: That would be great.

Host: Yeah, it can be an interesting location and then I'll buy one of the calendars too.

Phil Missig: Oh, no problem!

Host: Well, see they gave the girl calendar for free, so what do you want? Anyway... So anyway you guys are all going to come down, I expressed an invitation, so you are invited. You gonna come down to the Comedy Club tonight? You have anything else to do? We'll make you laugh.

Host: Well, Bobbie the shoot here in Key West, what's it going to mean to Key West in the future?

Bobbie Ross: Well, you know, like anything, this is summertime, and it's nice to have something else coming into the area. So, it was good to have the guys down and make all the houses look very pretty, and I think it will help the economy also because I think it is a calendar that will sell well in Key West, too.

Host: And of course, nobody from Ohio ever comes to Key West. Its half of our population! I don't now if you know that. A lot of Ohio people down here. A lot of big Jimmy Buffett fans in Ohio...

Brett Shaut: Cincinnati.

Host: Cincinnati... big time city. Well, listen guys, glad you came by tonight. And I hope the calendar turns out like you hope. Thanks for coming by... always a pleasure!

Originally published June 28, 1991. Story © Coconut Telegraph. This text is exactly as published.

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