Ohio State Men Return To Key West For Photo Shoots 

Ohio State Students Return to Key West for photo shoots

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Host: OK, Scott, I'm just gonna go ahead and I want you all to introduce yourselves and say where you are in college, freshman, sophomore, what you are majoring in and how you came to be in this calendar. OK, so let's just go right on down the line, so we can meet you a little bit.

Scott Yancey: My name is Scott Yancey and I just finished my first year of veterinary school at Ohio State. All of us were picked by Sean, as we were on campus, walking around, so he did all the picking by hand.

Host: Alright, and we have Dan.

Dan Ritchie: My name is Dan Ritchie. And I'm in my forth year and I'm studying to be a teacher in high school. Art.

Host: Ok, wonderful. And let's go on down here. Wanna start at this end over here, you got the mike and just...

Brian Schaaf: My name's Brian Schaaf, and I'll be in my forth year of civil engineering at Ohio State.

Jim Stanton: My name's Jim Stanton, and I'm a forth year marketing major at Ohio State.

Rob Light: My name is Rob Light and I'm a two and a half year computer major.

Host: Well my goodness, I think we got it all together here, Molly, don't you think?

Co-host: A whole spectrum.

Host: I'm telling ya. Now, where is your most favorite place so far, that you've been shooting. As a matter of fact, where have you been shooting and where is your favorite place that you've been shooting?

Dan Ritchie: We've been shooting pretty much all around the island. Yesterday was our first day of actual shooting. But, I don't know, I think my favorite place so far is the beach.

Host: The beach, OK, that's where our spring breakers like… the beach. And needless to say, all of you fellas are just in exquisite form here and I was over at the gym the other day and I saw a couple people over there. So you've been working out. Now, is this an ongoing thing that you just work out everyday or this just getting ready for this calendar?

Scott Yancey: We try to work out everyday and all year round.

Host: OK, alright. And how long do you get to be here, so I can tell the girls out there who might be looking for you out here in the neighborhood.

Jim Stanton: Some us here are here for ten days and leaving Sunday and a few guys are staying till… Rob when are you guys staying?

Rob Light: Two weeks till next Sunday.

Jim Stanton: Till next Sunday.

Host: Now, what about your nightspots? I know you fellows, I've heard you talking, …Who is that knows Miss Key West Aloe over hear the other day here. So, where is your favorite nightspots? Where have you been hanging around at?

Scott Yancey: We like Rick's

Rob Light: Rick's

Dan Ritchie: Yeah, Rick's. Sloppy Joe's is nice too.

Co-host: I heard one of the enjoyments for this group is to go and watch Scott.

Scott Yancey: I don't know about that!

Host: Scott, that's right the boys have been sort of giving you a hard time. What's going on here, Scott, that they would…

Scott Yancey: I have no idea where they get this…

Host: Tell me, you can tell me.

Rob Light: Scott has a real killer pick up line. We all take note, and learn and talk…

Host: Oh, OK. So, we're just studying alone are we, Scott, my, my, my.

Scott Yancey: Michelle we thought maybe you could help us out this year. We have a few pictures here that maybe you could take a look at and decide which one you'd like to see in the calendar this year.

Host: Oh, my gosh. Well Molly, I don't think we can show this on television…

Co-host: No, I don't either, but let me look closer for just a minute.

Host: Lemme see here, OH, my, my, my, my. Well, let me tell you, you'll just have to get one of these calendars next year, trust me! OH, my. Whew, my goodness gracious. So, when are these calendars coming out?

Scott Yancey: The calendars will be out in September. We sell them in Ohio and in Key West because we shoot them down here.

Co-host: And where are they sold here? Do you know, at local bookstores?

Scott Yancey: Local bookstores, and area merchants around the area. We'd also like to thank Key West Realty for sponsoring us down here too this year.

Host: Alright great, thanks. And speaking of that, I can't show you these pictures, but again, let me leave you with this. And I want to thank nails by Nancy remember I am always complaining about… the bag lady here… I never have time to go get my nails done. Well thank god for Nance, because she was able to fit my schedule do what she does best. Now I can hold this up thanks to Nails by Nancy over at Kelly's and Summerland so, And this woman can make bionic nails which is what I need, because they way I treat my hands, in and out of everything, nails don't last real long on me. Now I can show this marvelous calendar. Again, I cannot show you those pictures. You'll just have to buy the calendar next year. OK?

Host: And, you fellas, just be careful out there. Its just like I used to tell my kids over at the high school. Be happy, be good, but be safe out there. Now really. And be gentle with our little Key West Belles, now. Now, don't forget, now. These are Southern Belles, and they deserve the utmost respect and good times.

Host: Alright, enjoy your stay, I enjoyed having you. Come back when we get the calendar OK? and we'll see which one of those pictures made it onto the cover here.

Originally published June 18, 1992. Story © Michele Hardin Live. This text is exactly as published.

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