Calendar Men Discuss Photo Shoots on Michelle Hardin's talk show 

Male Models Appear on TV Talk Show While in Key West for Photo Shoot

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Host: Now this is wonderfully exciting for me, because not only do I have happy dog - Gator dog, I want you to see he's got his Gator bandana on with his sunglasses. But he is here to welcome Ohio State University calendar guys. And let me tell you, this is some kinda calendar here.

Host: To my right, I have Bobbie Ross. How did you get involved with this the Ohio State University Calendar?

Bobbie Ross: Well, I am with Property Management of Key West and we were contacted by Sean Ashcroft of Ohio State, who has been doing this calendar for a number of years I believe. They had done one here before in Florida and decided to do this, 1992, in Key West. They are staying at one of the properties that Property Management has, called Cata Gato and doing some filming there and at some of the various historical houses around town and beach scenes.

Host: Oh great. Well listen girls, I mean, we need to find out these locations. I'll be there filming! Next, I have Aaron, Ok, and Aaron is this your first or second calendar, are you kind of…

Aaron Schrein: This is my first anything. I just got picked to come down here by Sean. He asked me to come down and I said sure! No problem, you're not gonna miss this opportunity.

Host: And Shawn is to your right here? Shawn, yes. And is this your first or second calendar?

Shawn Nugent: This is my first calendar.

Host: Oh, OK. And then down here we have John and Ed. And is this your first calendar or second calendar?

John Rozsits: This is my first calendar.

Ed Carpenter: This is my second.

Host: Oh, well. Let me see, who is that? That's Ed over there? Well, Ed now where did you shoot the last the 1991 calendar?

Ed Carpenter: Last year I did not get a chance to come to Florida and we shot it up in Ohio, so that's why I did it again.

Host: Well, hey, I'd do it again too. Listen, let's look at some footage. This is from a couple different TV programs. One is a take from a PM Magazine. You all had I mean, a lot of P.R. on this. And I think some of your local news stations or something. Yeah. So let's look at this here, so you can see some of the boys in the calendar. And then Bobbie happens to have a, you know you boys are gonna have to leave one of these here with me. I'll leave it as my birthday calendar. Everybody has a birthday…

<Footage from PM magazine and WCMH stories are shown.>

Host: Well, my, my, my. Now Bobbie, this is our calendar here?

Bobbie Ross: This is the 1991 calendar that was produced and they're doing them in color now. When he first started out they were doing them in black and white but now they're in color.

Host: Oh well, let me see. Is this Mr. January? Scarlet, um, let's see, Scarlet and Gray… Let me see here. Oh, here we are. Oh here's Mr. January. My, my, my. I tell you, now listen fellas, not only do I a 1992 calendar, but I want it autographed when you get there? Yes, Oh I'm sorry I'm not holding this. This is making me very nervous.

Bobbie Ross: This calendar, 1992, is going to be sold at Ohio State University of course, and also in Key West. So, we're going to be marketing the calendar in Key West too.

Host: Oh, fun. Oh, OK. Now what, the girls are coming next week? Guys, not to worry, the girls are coming down. This is what I heard?

Aaron Schrein: There are a couple girls coming down either on July 12 or July 19, I guess they have not worked it out yet, but, from what I understand I have only met two of them. They are… very… attractive -- we'll leave it at that. So, if you're a guy out there, make sure you come out to see 'em.

Host: Alright not to worry guys, we'll give them equal time and we'll have the girls on here too. But maybe you guys, if you're not gone by then, you'll have to just come back and show em how its done.

Aaron Schrein: No problem.

Host: So, is this your first visit to Florida, or have you been here before, like on Spring Break or something?

John Rozsits: I have been here many times. My grandparents live in Fort Lauderdale. So, I come here about at least once a year.

Host: Now, how were you selected for this calendar?

Shawn Nugent: Well, I was just riding my bike, playing tennis, and Sean chased up to me and looked at me. And I didn't believe him at first, then, yeah right. Finally I looked through everything and it looked right, so I said I'd do it. That's kind of how it happened.

Host: Now the university, from what I understand when I was looking at the tape, they're happy that you did this, but they can't put their emblem on there. Right, or anything like that. They can't subsidize or say, you know, we're sponsoring this or these are from our school, but they're happy to get the publicity.

Aaron Schrein: It got a little risque the last couple of years, and I think they didn't want people thinking these are the kind of students who go to Ohio State… but they do! And, so they didn't want to put their official logo on there. That's why we call it Men of the Scarlet & Gray.

Host: Men of the Scarlet & Gray.. well I don't know, I don't see anything, girls listen, there's nothing too risque in here. Maybe its just somebody at Ohio State that thinks that it is. When the body is beautiful, its beautiful. I mean, hey.. but, now, how, does this get sponsored?

Aaron Schrein: We have Property Management, as she mentioned, is the place we are staying at, the Casa Gato. We also have John Santiago Hair Stylists has been helping us with our hair, and a couple other businesses down here have been offered their services…

Host: I mean, how bout printing this, I know when I used to run the (lovala) cheerleaders, it used to cost us a lot of money to do the posters, let alone a calendar.

Aaron Schrein: Sean has pretty much taken care of everything. We're down here for nothing. We're just taking the pictures and letting Sean handle it. They probably have it down there somewhere on the bottom.

Host: Oh yes, we do, we do. Well, we're going to… have to go, sorry to say. We have a commercial and some other business, but listen all you girls out there, these boys are just fine, fine. So be looking for em. Do you know where your first shoot is, so we can tell the girls out there?

Aaron Schrein: I've shot already and Ed's shot already. But John and Shawn will be shooting tomorrow.

Host: Where?

Shawn Nugent: We're not really sure.

Aaron Schrein: Probably a couple beaches. We'll be on Duval Street tonight.

Host: …on Duval Street girls! Don't forget. OK.

Aaron Schrein: Go to Rick's.

Host: So Bobbie, we'll see you back here maybe when we get the girls down here, so we can give them equal time and then you guys can tell us what a great time you had.

Aaron Schrein: We're having a great one already.

Host: Alright, see ya!

Originally published June 27, 1991. Story © Michele Hardin Live. This text is exactly as published.

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