Calendar Men Talk About Holding On-Location Photo Shoots in Key West on Michelle Hardin Talk Show 

Male Models Appear Again on Key West Talk Show

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Host: Here we are! This is a stage a stage a stage. This is what, I guess my third year Jeff I guess? I think this is our third year for the calendar guys. Jeff has brought the calendar guys they are down here shooting this calendar I guess that's what's happening?

Jeff LaFever: Yeah… shooting calendar throughout the keys. It's the campus men. Guys from OSU we could all come down here, we just finished up a week in South Beach Miami. And then…

Host: Oh, out there by Madonna huh?

Jeff LaFever: We came down here then for another week for a little different type of calendar, down here

Host: OK great. Well, let's introduce everybody was and I wanna know what to month you're gonna be! Over here this is Dennis? Dennis, Dennis and what month are you gonna be?

Denis Belusic: s of now we're not sure yet. We weren't told what we were going to be yet

Host: Dennis what's your major at school?

Denis Belusic: Um, I'm in Allied-Med currently. So, I don't know what know if I'm going to stick with that major or what. We'll see how it goes.

Host: OK, and then we have…

Don Handfield: My name it is Don. I'm a theater major at the Ohio State

Host: OK, and we don't know again what month we'll just have to be surprised!

Don Handfield: (whispers into microphone) Front Cover…

Host: OK

CJ Miller: I'm CJ and I'm a mechanical engineer at Ohio State

Host: 0h, OK.

Jody Antognoli: My name is Jody and I'm going to be one of those great lawyers that everyone loves eventually, so…

Host: That's right. We may have to talk… later I don't know. OK. Alright, now are you guys having a good time besides doing all the shoots? I mean you look nice and tan. Did all that come from here or South Beach?

Jody Antognoli: Actually the tanning part it's great you brought that up, because its probably one of the hardest things is that we have to be able to tan without getting tan lines so… It's kind of funny to see 11 guys or 12 guys laying out on the beach with the washcloth that might be blowing off every once in a while so, It's a, we've had some great…

Co-host: There'd be a stampede

Jody Antognoli: We've had some great experiences though with that. It's been a lot of fun though

Host: Well girls, honey, you know there's only so many beaches here in the Keys so I'm sure you can find out where these guys are if you'd like to go over and see these bodies. And Helene, I had to bring my cousin Helene back on for this to meet the campus boys. What do you think of these guys?

Guest: They all looked very nice

Host: Very nice, Very nice

Guest: Actually I think you have a nice mixture here

Host: That's right. we'll make sure we have to get Helene a calendar to send back to Paris, OK? Alright, now Jeff where all have you been shooting at on location?

Jeff LaFever: We have been shooting down at Mallory Square and some of the beaches they're over there right now, over on… the beach over…

Co-host: Higgs or Smather's?

Jeff LaFever: No, the other one. Smathers! Smather's Beach. Yeah. They're over there shooting right now actually. Then they're gonna go to I think, the Fort, Fort Zachary and do some shooting there too.

Host: And so you're here for how long?

Jeff LaFever: Um, tomorrow actually were driving up through the Keys and we're doing some more shoots along the way and then we're back in South Beach for two days

Jodi: Hi dad.

Don Handfield: Hi dad, how are you doing. Happy Father's Day

Denis Belusic: Hi ya doin Dad?

Don Handfield: Hi mom too

Co-host: Hi dad.

CJ Miller: Hi dad.

Originally published June 24, 1993. Story © Michele Hardin Live. This text is exactly as published.

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