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Schedule a Photo Shoot  

Schedule a Photo Shoot

Due to the unpredictable nature of weather and a challenging schedule, your shoot may be canceled or postponed if it rains.

We give you ample time to prepare. If you need 60 days to get ripped, we can give you that.

The trouble is with giving you advance notice of the exact date of your photo shoot. Scheduling shoots has always been our weakest area.

Some guys want a bunch of notice of their exact shoot date because they want to do a regimen to cut weight. We cannot promise that.

If you were a pro model, you would not receive much notice at all. Short notice is something models and calendar guys must put up with.

We can only promise you 7 days notice, but we do not demand you shoot a certain date. We simply ask if you are available.

The weather may make your photo shoot a little hectic, but making you look great is all that matters.

We also cannot give you an exact time of day your shoot will be held. We often ask you to show up at a certain time, but you are not photographed until two-three hours after you arrive.

About Campus Men is a skill-sharing site where college students can turn their know-how into cash.

Using our easy "Self-Publishing Tool," students submit tips for training and playing selected sports, weightlifting, careers, relationships or any of life's lessons. turns those tips into professional-quality videos. does the filming and will invite some students to "star" in their own videos.

Hear What Students Say

We Value Student Know-How.


After working with thousands of new models and college students, we know the concerns, issues and questions many new models have before their first photo shoot. It is normal for even the most macho guy to be nervous prior to his first shoot. We compiled all this training info into “ShootPrep” – our dedicated site for training models with whom we work.

Our photographer uses to train new models before their photo sessions.

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If you have a question about our calendar, please send a Tweet to @CampusMen or visit our contact page.

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