Semi-Nude Photographs of Men In Calendar Causes Controversy  

Nude Men Calendar

News story about semi-nude photographs of men in calendar causes controversy.

Calendar causes controversy

The 1992 "Campus Men® in Key West" calendar is causing controversy, raised eyebrows and maybe some racing hearts with risque photographs of nude and nearly nude Ohio State men.

"The calendar's new look is definitely a marketing strategy," said Sean Ashbrook, 24, the publisher of the calendar since 1987. "We specifically looked for models who were willing to pose this way; the set-up is designed to sell calendars."

The 1992 calendar differs from previous OSU "Campus Men® " calendars because in the past the models have been fully clothed. In the new calendar most of the men were photographed with little or no clothing.

Ozz Cards and Gifts, 1918 N. High St., will not be carrying the calendars after this year. "I think people just want to see faces and not whole bodies," said Scott Uber, the Ozz owner. "People want to see how these men look everyday, not naked with some coconuts covering their privates."

"Some of our customers have said the calendars are tacky this year. If there is great enough demand next year, we might end up carrying them; right now, I don't think we will," he said.

Mary Hansen, a freshman in engineering, disagrees. "They are going to sell a lot of these (calendars). Some people may not want to see everything, but there are a lot of people who would like to see the whole body. I am not offended.

Brent Mathie from Louisville, Ohio, appears on the calendar's cover lying nude on the beach. Brett Shaut, 22, a psychology major from Cincinnati, appears in the calendar with only a strategically placed rope on his lap. Both Mathie and Shaut said they did not originally plan provocative poses but like the way the calendar turned out.

"We were all pretty nervous at first, but once we started to meet people we had a good time. It was real laid-back. We got to choose the way we wanted to pose, and we used each other for input. The guys just wanted the best pictures possible," Shaut said. "I think we all really like the way it turned out."

"My family's reaction was pretty cool, but my mom's jaw hit the ground, and she asked if anyone down there had any clothes. I told her we couldn't afford them," he said.

"It is no worse than most of those calendars, and I am not offended by it, but I wouldn't buy it. It just isn't something I'd get into," said Darcy Dooley, a junior in journalism.

Bob Long, owner of Long's Bookstore, 1836 High St., said Long's got the calendars about three weeks ago, and sales have been very good.

"Personally, I think it's more revealing than in the past, but it is still in good taste. I haven't noticed any negative reaction," he said.

Long said the "Campus Men® in Key West" and "Women of the Scarlet and Gray" calendars are his best sellers. "The only thing that even comes close in sales is the Sports Illustrated calendar," Long said.

"We will definitely continue to carry it; it sells, and we're here to sell things to people who want them. I'm not here to judge," he said.

"The people who like the calendar will buy it," Ashbrook said. "By making it as professional and unique as possible we are giving people a reason to buy it - it doesn't look like a typical college pin-up calendar."

Originally published Nov. 1, 1991. Story © Ohio State Lantern. This text is exactly as published.

Nude Men Calendar
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