Male Models Get Girl to Pose Topless After Stressful Florida Photo Shoot 

When a model photographer and male models travel for to create photographs, the purpose of the trip is not for recreation. There is time for fun after all photo shoots are finished. Photo shoots cannot take a back seat to partying and staying up late because models appear tired on film. However, fun took over at the end of a Campus Men-sponsored visit to St. Petersburg, Florida.

After a long week filled with boredom and stressful photo shoots in St. Petersburg, male models Jon O'Donnell, Rob Jordan and Jim Newstrom were in the photography crew's van, on their way down Gulf Boulevard to Treasure Island for their final photo shoot.

After not seeing any young girls during their long stay, Jim was surprised when he looked out the van's window, and saw two hot girls in a shiny red convertible in the next lane. To shock the college guys, the "well-endowed" girls lifted up their T-shirts and flashed their bare breasts at Jim.

Crazy Big-Titty Girls

It was like the scene in the 80's movie "National Lampoon's Vacation," when Chevy Chase is driving with his family and Christy Brinkley pulls up next to him in a hot car and starts flirting.

The college guys decided to reciprocate by mooning the girls when their convertible pulled behind their van. The girls flashed their breasts again before speeding off down the road -- leaving the slower van puttering behind.

There was just one problem for the breast flashers. A drawbridge at St. John's Pass had raised a quarter mile down the road to allow a boat to pass through to the Intercoastal Waterway. This stopped all traffic, including the girls' convertible. When the crew's van caught up with the girls, the male models jumped into the girls' car.

The girls were French Canadians working at Walt Disney World for the summer and were in St. Pete for the weekend. The guys explained that they were male models in town for photo shoots and convinced Sandra and her friend to follow them to a photo shoot and both vehicles took off to the photo shoot location once the drawbridge lowered.

Putting Girls To Work

Once at the photo location, the crew got down to business right away. The pushy photographer put the girls to work and quickly handed them equipment to carry.

"I remember laughing to myself. We put these complete strangers who we just met to work," said our male model photographer. "Sandra was standing there positioning a light reflector onto Jim who was wearing a skimpy leather loin cloth with his balls hanging out. She was positioning that reflector board like she was an expert at it. We took our best quality photos that final evening -- and had the funniest time."

At the end of the photo shoot, someone suggested a photo be taken of the girls for the photographer's scrapbook. After some prompting, Sandra took off her shirt and posed topless, arm in arm with the male models as everyone yelled, "cheese."

Police Stop Models and Girls

After the shoot, the models drove off with in the convertible. With Janet Jackson's "Escapade" blaring on the stereo, everybody in the car was shouting and laughing, celebrating the end of their photo shoots.

A short way down the road, they were pulled over by an Indian Shores Police car. The driver was issued a ticket because there were too many occupants in the vehicle. So, two of the guys had to get out and walk back to the condo. The girls followed the crew back to the condo and hung out with the college guys until the next morning. Because Mike Willingham went without sleep that night, he was not in condition to pose for photos the next day. He was eventually photographed after returning to Ohio.

So, it was two French Canadians who helped make an exciting finalé to a boring week in St. Petersburg.

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