Campus Men Win Wet Underwear Contests 

Sometimes raunchy, but always hilarious, female wet t-shirt contests are commonplace at Key West bars such as Dirty Harry's and Sloppy Joe's. A female model who was part of our photographer's previous week photo shoot won a "best chest" contest at Rick's Bar. Kelly won a Clearwater night club's "Best Teddy" contest during her visit to Florida. However, contests involving males are usually held at gay night clubs, not straight bars.

The Copa

Whenever Campus Men has taken male models to Key West for photo shoots, some found themselves seeking prize money on the stage of The Copa for its Wednesday night wet underwear contest. Interview magazine described The Copa as "the majorest gay/straight dance club in town."

Male models brave enough to enter the contest are motivated by the cash prizes. Models find the all-you-can-drink cocktails prior to the contest helps them generate the courage to stagger up on stage. Although the contest was called a "Wet Jockey Shorts Contest," contestants wear tighty-whiteys. Once on stage, a drag queen named "Alma Jean" makes each guy stand in a baby pool and bend over while she poured water onto the tighty-whiteys. Then the crowd votes for the winner through applause.

For three years, Campus Men models caused a great deal of ruckus by entering the wet underwear contest and taking home the prize money.

Ed Carpenter was the first male model to enter the Copa's contest while visiting for a Campus Men photo shoot. He took home a pocketful of money by winning first prize. After hearing about the money Ed won, four heavily intoxicated college guys entered during a second trip to Key West a month later.

Two Campus Men Compete Against Each Other

Rob Light, who our photographer nicknamed "Vinny" because he was a wise-talking street guy from Manhattan, stole the honors a year later:

The night's contestants were announced and out came Campus Men Light and Andy Holowaty. They agreed to split the earnings if either won. As expected, the audience chose both Campus Men as finalists. Then came the run-off. Each tried to outdo the other, posing and dancing for applause.

Then Light laid it on thick. With his back turned to the crowd, he mimicked riding a bucking bronco– slapping the imaginary horse with a whip. Everyone in the nightclub, including other male models watching in the audience, went wild and hooted! He won hands down.

"At the time, it seemed like the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life," our male model photographer said.

One Campus Men reported he was approached as he walked off the stage by a gay audience member who offered him $500 if he would let the audience member perform an oral sex on him. The model politely declined the offer.

Continuing the tradition, male model Jody Antognoli entered the wet underwear contest a year later. Jody won — of course.

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