Key West Catamaran Becomes Backdrop For Male Model Shoots 

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Thanks to the folks at Fury Catamarans in Key West, Florida, we captured some interesting photos of male models and had an adventure on the ocean, too.

Male models received a free catamaran trip during their visit to Key West. We also held photo shoots with the models while other vacationers were snorkeling in the ocean. It was a bargain since the boat provided an interesting backdrop for our semi-nude photographs and kept our cast and crew entertained at the same time.

The boat, "Caribbean Fury," was 50 feet of fun and had more than enough room for 80 people. It also came well-stocked with beer - a revelation that was not lost on our models. If you are headed to Key West, we highly suggest you book a snorkelling trip too. A catamaran trip is well worth the cost - especially since the cocktails are free and you will likely spend the same amount of money drinking liquor on a sticky Duval Street barstool.

Things got off to a bad start after about half our cast of 10 models didn't show at the dock for push off. A previous night of hard partying in the Key West bars made it tough for them to get out of bed. We decided to make do with the five guys we had.

Holding Photo Shoots on a Catamaran

The photographer scouted out various settings on the boat and waited for vacationers to begin snorkelling in the ocean. Meanwhile, the models whiled away the time drinking the free beer, snorkeling in the blue Gulf of Mexico waters, and exploring the catamaran's "head" or bathroom. For some unexplained reason, the guys were really intrigued with the bathroom facilities on the boat. Maybe they didn't realize that boats had bathrooms!

Finally, the the boat emptied and the photographer began shooting. But before he'd gone through the first roll of film, a sudden storm hit. The boat rocked in high waves and everyone got soaked.

We had to finish the shoot the following day at Key West's Smathers Beach. Everyone involved loved the day we spent on the catamaran. But, weather had again foiled our well-laid plans and caused us to improvise an alternate shooting schedule.

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